Things I Learned about Creativity and Innovation

First of all, I am the least creative person that I know in my life. I have always believed that I really do not have the brains and the skills to create something innovative, and useful. However, as I went through the course and finished each of the phase for our group project, I realized that every person has a creative side that can be unleased.

Before, I would think that my classmates who tell me a lot of creative ideas are soooooo creative as they thought of something unique — something that I would have never thought of doing. However, this course enlightened me on what creativity really is.

Creativity is about putting our ideas into life, instead of just letting it sit at the back of our minds.

No, we are not creative just because we have all those grand ideas in our heads. We are just imaginative. To be a creative person, we must make sure that these ideas turn into something useful. It does not have to be grand every single time. It does not even have to unique. As long as we realize the things people failed to see and make it come to life — we are creative.

Now, as not-so creative person, the most difficult part of the creative process for me is the preparation stage. There are so many existing problems with unknown solutions in the world, especially in the Philippines. What do I prioritize to solve? Do I just solve the easiest problem? Do I really understand their situation? These are just some of the questions that were on my mind when we were brainstorming before for our project.

You wouldn’t offer to give water to someone who is hungry.

I would always remember this statement from the module because it allowed me to think deeper and empathize more with my intended consumers. Not everyone who is crying has the same reasons. Not everyone asking for money has the same motivation for doing so. For short, we never really know everything unless we put ourselves in their shoes and be immersed with their situation.

In order to know the real problem, we do not just look at it in surface level because some are deeper than how we see it. Thus, aside from empathy, researching is also one of the most important things to do as it allows us to know more about a particular subject. After the preparation stage, I must say that the following creative steps in the process were done smoothly. Truly, as long as we understand the roots of the problem, finding a solution would be easier because we already know what we are looking for.


Among the many topics, I chose these five as my favorite because of the way they gave me impact.

  1. The Creative Process. Before starting this course, I was really nervous because of the project that we had to accomplish. However, upon going through the creative process with my group, I realized that it was really fun. It felt like finding my purpose because I have a solution to offer for a problem that seriously needs attention. This made me want to solve more problems especially the complex ones which shows how this topic really gave me so much impact.

2. Blue Ocean Strategy. This strategy is developed by W. Chan Kim in 2005 and it tells us that instead of competing in the existing market, we disregard competition and create a completely new market. I liked this topic because this is very new to me. Up until now, I have never heard of this strategy and I was a firm believer that in order for a business to succeed, one must beat their competitors. This concept tells me that it should not be the case every single time. Sometimes, going for the road not taken is risky but worth it and can lead to more opportunities in the long run.


3. Creativity and Weirdness. Before, I used to have that stereotype that creative people are weird because of the way they look. However, upon reading this part in the module, it tells us that some people had to cut off other things in their life to focus on something. I realized that I do that, too so who am I to judge other people? Whenever it is hell week, I skip most of my self-care routine to focus on my school works just so I can think of more creative ways to do it. Truly, creativity requires our utmost attention and people might call that weird but hey! weird is beautiful!


4. Innovation. This is probably a generic answer but innovation is one of the most important things in the world for me. I used to not know the difference between this and creativity but then, if you look at it, they are connected. To innovate is to turn creative ideas to life for the benefit of other people. To innovate is to make something valuable. And in this world, it is important to continue innovating as the world never runs out of things that we need everyday. And this is not just a business thing, because innovation is everywhere! Used cans can be turned into something valuable. I sometimes turn my old clothes into bags. Basically, as long as you are creative, innovation has a place in your life.


5. Perspective. In life, I always encounter situations where I forget that it is not just me that is involved. Most times, I forget that there is not just one side to every story so our lesson in perspective really reminded me of its importance. Not only in business, perspective is important for us to see the bigger picture in every picture. What’s right for me can be wrong for you, and that is okay. Knowing the perspective of everyone involved give us a chance to compromise ideas which is a great way to find a solution that would benefit everyone.


Truly, this class has been a great journey and every lesson has left an impact in my life. Aside from the technical aspects, I really learned a lot about business and life that would help me in my journey as a person in general who is still trying to learn things.